Fists in Solidarity

2021 - 2022
Student Leaders

Noah Clark | Chapter President

Hello, my name is Noah! I am currently in my junior year pursuing a Human Resource Management/Management & Leadership double major. PSU HRMA has given me an immense amount of valuable knowledge regarding various industries and numerous opportunities to network with a wide variety of HR professionals. This organization has helped me figure out what areas of HR interest me the most and allowed me to become a more forward-thinking future business professional. When I am not leading PSU HRMA and working on school assignments, I exercise, study film history, and spend time with my family.

Elizabeth Wood | Chapter Secretary

Hello, my name is Elizabeth (Beth) Wood. I am a senior majoring in HR management with a keen interest in the food and beverage industry. HRMA has helped me gain a better understanding of the organizational structure and learn from professionals in different industries. I am also involved in several other clubs on campus including Business Analytics Club. In my free time, I enjoy working out, baking, and exploring different parts of Portland!

Reed McNames | V.P. of External Relations & Director of Merit Award

Hello, my name is Reed! I am a senior at Portland State pursuing a double major in Human Resource Management & Management and Leadership. After a year of being a member of HRMA, I have found that the amount of real world knowledge I have gained from the association has been extremely valuable. HRMA has given me the opportunity to put what I have learned about Human Resources through my education into real-world scenarios. It has also given me the opportunity to hear about other people's experience working in HR before starting my own career. I look forward to being a leader this year and to what this year will bring. 

PSU HRMA Photo, Kaylee Brunette.jpg
Kaylee Brunette | Co-V.P. of Programs & V.P. of Marketing and Visibility

Hello! My name is Kaylee Brunette. I am a junior at Portland State University, pursuing a double major in Human Resource Management and Leadership/Management. This year I serve as the Vice President of Programs and Marketing, and our team is eager to meet you! As a PSU HRMA member, I am passionate about creating a space for students where we can come together in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. If I happen to not be on campus, one may find me skiing on Mt. Hood, testing vegan recipes, or backpacking around the beautiful state of Oregon. If you are interested in exploring a career in human resources, keep an eye out for our social media pages where we post upcoming guest speakers, community socials, and general meetings!

Citlali Diaz | Co-V.P. of Programs & V.P. of Internal Communication

Hi, my name is Citlali (Lali) and I am a senior studying Human Resource Management. When I transferred to PSU, I was referred to HRMA by a friend. I was immediately welcomed by fellow HR students, faculty, and professionals in the local area. HRMA supported my HR educational journey, and provided me with great resources along the way, like scholarships and internships. I am currently in my second HR internship role and loving it! When I am not in student mode, I am probably playing volleyball, spending time with family, or exploring new places to eat.

Maria Zavala | V.P. of Fundraising

Hello, my name is Maria Jose Zavala. I am a senior at Portland State University, pursuing a bachelors of science degree in Economics. I was encouraged by one of my professors to join HRMA and I'm so glad I did! This year I am the V.P. of Fundraising. It is my third leadership position, and I'm excited to grow further in my knowledge and make more connections. Some of my personal interests include auto mechanics, dancing to latin music and collecting begonias. 

Eisel Otzoy-Satey | Chapter Treasurer

I decided to join HRMA because I was very interested about it. I thought it would get me a head start to a professional environment for work. Even though I have interned in an office environment with a team in Human Resources, based on what Kaylee told me, I knew HRMA would be a great advancement in my career professionally and personally. I knew I would get unique opportunities. My major is also Human Resource Management. When I am not in school, I love to be around my family, listen to music, and go on walks. I love to go to the beach as well!

David Brian Avis | Director of Member Acquisition

Hello, my name is David Brian Avis!  I’m a graduate student at Portland State University pursuing a Master of Science in Applied Data Science for Business and the Human Resource Analytics certificate.  I graduated from PSU with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Management & Leadership, and I became interested in HR during the senior year of that undergrad program after discovering statistics and the R programming language. I’m a former U.S. Army Medic, experienced world traveler, vegan, runner, technology enthusiast, and connoisseur of nature.

Jacob Fitzgerald HRMA Photo_edited.jpg
Jacob Fitzgerald | Director of Information Systems

Hello, my name is Jacob! I am the Director of Information Systems for PSU HRMA. I am currently in my junior year and pursuing a double major in Human Resource Management/Management and Leadership. I am a transfer student this year and joining PSU HRMA was suggested to me by my advisor. PSU HRMA is a great way to meet like minded students that are in their journeys to becoming business professionals. Human Resource Management is a career path with high levels of job satisfaction and PSU HRMA is a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself into the HRM world. Outside of school I enjoy hiking, bouldering, rock climbing, riding my bike, and reading. I also love going to the theaters whenever I have a free afternoon.