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Who We Are 

Cooper Staples

HRMA President 2017-18

Class of 2019

"HRMA has opened up a world of new opportunities that have allowed me to develop as an emerging professional. As Chapter President I strive to network with HR professionals and provide volunteer opportunities for our members. It is my goal to provide meaningful, career-building opportunities for all HRMA members alike. I graduate in the spring of 2019 and am currently a Boeing intern in the field of HR. "

Bronson Brass

V.P. of Programs 2017-18

Class of 2017

"I wanted to join to become more involved with my learning community and make meaningful connections. HRMA is a community of inspiring young professionals who are committed to developing their HR competencies. HRMA facilitates tremendous amounts of insight from local HR professionals who offer invaluable wisdom and encouragement in many areas concerning the HR field. I am about to transition from student to professional, thanks to HRMA I feel thoroughly prepared and thrilled for the journey ahead!"

Xylia Lydgate

V.P. of Recruiting 2017-18

Class of 2018

"I am an ambitious, personable and resilient business student seeking a career with a customer-focused company in a human resources or marketing capacity. When presented with an opportunity, I take ownership of my work, seek to improve inefficient processes and strive to be the best as a person and as a team. 


As an advancing HR professional, my work interests include training and development, organizational development, talent acquisition/recruiting and employee engagement/relations. Overall, my passions include global travel, health and wellness, and diversity and culture."

Marcett Banks

V.P. of External Relations

Class of 2018

Audrey Neel

V.P. of Internal Communication 2017-18​

Class of 2018

“I fell in love with human resources during my time with PSU and I am excited to jump in and help lead the PSU HRMA. I hope to share my passion with other students and professionals through this organization. My goal is to generate interest and build the confidence of HR (and all business) students by delivering relevant and exciting information around HRM. Some of my favorite HR topics include talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion and performance management.”

Paige Mckowen

Director of Merit Award 2017-18​

Class of 2018

"Being apart of HRMA at Portland State has been an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow students who share my passion for strategic HR, as well as the greater professional HR community. I am graduating this spring, with a double major in Human Resource Management and Management and Leadership, with a minor in Gender, Sexualities & Queer Studies." 

Sierra Brunstad​

Director of Information Systems 2017-18
Class of 2019

"The HRMA is a dedicated group of passionate students, and I am proud to be a part of the organization. Through the programs that HRMA offers, I aim to advance my knowledge and skills in the HR field. Recruiting is my interest, with an emphasis in diversity."


V.P. of Marketing 2017-18


Chair of SHRM Planning Committee 2017-18

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